Friday, January 18, 2013

The ugliest horse ever

During the holidays, few things beat going to see Zoo Lights, which is an event for which the decorated with...Lights. (I seem to have wandered into self-explanatory-ville with that last sentence. Let's move on.)

They had thousands of beautiful twinkly lights and wildlife sculptures, but my favorite part was the carousel. Rather than merely horses, the carousel at the zoo has rows and rows of exotic animals. Every kid's dream. 
Giraffe! Awesome!

Polar Bear! Awesome!

Tiger! Awesome!

Oh my unholy heck what is that freaknasty thing??!!
You want to make a pink-wearing, princess-obsessed 4-year-old girl cry?
Take her to the zoo, promise her a carousel ride, then put her on that thing!
That massively oversized, partially metamorphosed, caterpillary thing.
It's like a cruel joke the carousel makers decided to play on humanity. I can just picture them in their carousel-carving workshop, cackling with wicked glee as they made this thing.
But the more I look at it, the more I actually like it.
A lot.
Half-Morphed-Caterpillar! Weirdest carousel horse ever. Awesome!


  1. man! i miss you sarah! your posts crack me up!!!

  2. Thanks, Michelle! I really like your blog, too. Such beautiful pictures!